Task Admin Guide

Members of a club’s leadership team are required to complete various tasks in support of the on-boarding process. E.g., the member needs to gain access to the club’s documents, read certain policies, complete training courses, etc. Some of these tasks need to be renewed periodically. The Task Module of the membertility system is designed to define these tasks and track the members’ completion records.

This guide describes the concepts of the membertility Leadership Task Module, as well as gives guidance for how to configure the items in the Task Hierarchy.

Task Hierarchy

To facilitate task assignment to members, a task hierarchy is defined. The leadership admin creates positions and task groups to facilitate management of sets of tasks.

digraph records {
     graph [fontname = "helvetica"];
     node [fontname = "helvetica"];
     edge [fontname = "helvetica"];
     "member 1" -> "position 1";
     "member 2" -> "position 1";
     "member 2" -> "position 2";
     "member 3" -> "position 2";
     "position 1" -> "task group 1";
     "position 1" -> "task group 3";
     "position 2" -> "task group 2";
     "position 2" -> "task group 4";
     "task group 3" -> "task group 2";
     "task group 1" -> "task 1";
     "task group 2" -> "task 1";
     "task group 2" -> "task 2";
     "task group 3" -> "task 1";
     "task group 4" -> "task 2";
     "task group 4" -> "task 3";
     { rank=same; "member 1", "member 2", "member 3" };
     { rank=same; "position 1", "position 2" };
     { rank=same; "task group 1", "task group 3", "task group 4" };
     { rank=same; "task 1", "task 2", "task 3" };


The system keeps track of a list of tasks for each member, and that member’s indication that they have completed each of a list of the tasks, and when it was completed.

Task Configuration Guide

The Tasks view is used to configure task behavior.

The task display Task Checklist view is controlled by the attributes

  • Priority - controls the order of task display, all other things being equal

  • Task Groups - Task Groups form a group of tasks which can be assigned to positions via Positions view

Task status can be for individual members or by position, as controlled by the attributes

  • Position Based - if yes, when anyone in Position marks the task complete, it is displayed as complete for all members in Position; if no this task must be completed by each member in any position assigned this task via Task Groups

  • Position - if Position Based = yes, identifies the position for which all members will see the task as completed when any member marks it completed


    for this to work properly, Task Groups should contain a single task group, and that task group should only be assigned to the indicated Position

Task status and expiration is controlled using the attributes

  • Period - how long after the task’s completion date when it become overdue

  • Date of Year - task becomes overdue on a date of year (e.g., March 3) if not marked completed

  • Overdue Starts - task remains up to date after Date of Year for this duration. Only applicable when Date of Year is set

  • Expires Soon - how long before task expires that the status shows up as expires soon

  • Optional Task - if set to yes, task is suggested but not required, and does not expire

To configure a task to be required periodically, but not on any specified date, set

  • Period to the duration after completion that the task before the task expires

  • Expires Soon to the duration in advance of Expiration Date that the task should start showing expires soon

  • Optional Task to no

  • leave Date of Year and Overdue Starts unset

To configure a task to be required periodically by a specified date, set

  • Date of Year to the date the task must be completed by

  • Overdue Starts to the duration after Date of Year during which the task remains up to date

  • Expires Soon to the duration in advance of Expiration Date that the task should start showing expires soon

  • Optional Task to no

  • leave Period unset

To configure a task to be required but done only once, set

  • Optional Task to no

  • leave Period, Date of Year, Expires Soon, and Overdue Starts unset

To configure a task to be optional, set

  • Optional Task to yes

  • leave Period, Date of Year, Expires Soon, and Overdue Starts unset

Task Groups

To facilitate assignment of sets of tasks to individual members, tasks are assigned into one or more task groups using the Task Groups view.

Positions / Task Groups / Members

See Position Management for details on how to assign task groups to positions and members to positions.

Admin Tracking

The leadership admin needs to be able to see summaries of what tasks are outstanding in total and for individual members.

Member Summary

The Member Summary view shows a summary of the task status for each member. From this view, the leadership admin can select a member, then view that member’s details using the Task Details view.

Task Details

Each member is shown tasks they are responsible for on their Task Checklist view. The tasks which each member is responsible for can be viewed by the leadership admin on the Task Details view.

Task Status / Expiration Date

When using Member Summary view or Task Details view, the task status is displayed. These may be one of the following.


task should have been done by now, and needs to be completed

expires soon

task will be becoming overdue shortly


task can be completed, but isn’t required

up to date

required task has been completed, and does not need to be done until expiration date


optional task has been completed

Task Reminder Emails

For those members who have not completed all their tasks, emails will be sent periodically to remind them what tasks are outstanding.

  • individual emails are sent to members who have overdue or upcoming tasks

  • leadership admin receives a summary email, separate from the individual emails mentioned above

  • the emails are sent every two weeks