Task Member Guide

Members of a club’s leadership team are required to complete various tasks in support of the on-boarding process. E.g., the member needs to gain access to the club’s documents, read certain policies, complete training courses, etc. Some of these tasks need to be renewed periodically. The Task Module of the membertility system is designed to define these tasks and track the members’ completion records.

This guide describes how a member manages their task checklist.

Task Checklist view

The leadership members manage their tasks is through the Task Checklist View. If you don’t see Task Checklist in the menu, make sure Interest is set correctly at the top of the view.

Tasks are marked with their status, expiration date, and when last completed.

The status tells you whether the task needs to be completed now (overdue), is coming up (expires soon), is completed (up to date or done), or if the task is optional (optional).

When you click the view button (icon-view-2779aa) next to a task, a window will open. Some tasks may have one or more fields which need to be filled in, but many just give instructions (e.g., to read a particular document). Once you have completed the instructions and filled in any required fields, click Mark Complete to tell the system you’ve completed the task.

The view has the following filters:

In Position On

date of interest for when you held the positions. Normally this can be left alone as it defaults to ‘today’


When you click on a document link, Google may tell you you don’t have permission to access the document, or to verify it’s you and log in again – if this happens, you need to click on “Switch accounts” or otherwise log in to the correct account to access the document. In some cases, you may need to “switch accounts” more than once - and the option to switch accounts may only be offered if you click on your personal email link on the access denied screen. Please do not click on “Request Access”, as this will send a request to allow access from your personal gmail account.


If you are marking a task completed which was previously completed and had additional fields, the last field entry(ies) you made will be shown when opening the task.


Some additional date fields have been configured to override the Last Completed date, e.g., the Safe Sport Completion Date in the example below

_images/task-checklist-view.png _images/task-checklist-edit.png _images/task-checklist-edit-update.png

Set Your Password

When your account is first created, you will receive an email to set your password. This email will have a link you need to click on in order to initially set your password. If you don’t click on this link within 48 hours from the time the email was sent, the link will expire. If that happens, simply go to https://members.loutilities.com/admin, and at the login view click Forgot password. A new email will be sent to you which contains a new link to click on.

Please choose a password you don’t use on other sites, and make sure there are letters, numbers, punctuation, i.e., that this is a strong password.