Super Admin Guide

Members of a club’s leadership team are required to complete various tasks in support of the on-boarding process. E.g., the member needs to gain access to the club’s documents, read certain policies, complete training courses, etc. Some of these tasks need to be renewed periodically. The Task Module of the membertility system is designed to define these tasks and track the members’ completion records.

This guide describes the concepts of the membertility Leadership Task Module, as well as gives guidance for how to configure the items accessible to the superadmin.

Single Sign-On

membertility is the first loutilities application which supports a common database for User administration and password management. The tables in the common database are

  • User - user management (email, password, name) for members


    In membertility, users are known as members

  • Application - identifies the loutilities application (in this case, members)

  • Role - security roles are used to give permissions by application which can be associated to users/members

  • Interest - interests are used to partition most database tables. These are by application and can be associated to users/members

Each application that supports Single Sign-On has access to these tables, and also has local user and interest tables. When users or interests are updated from the application, the local tables are refreshed.

common database tables are accessed through these views




Members view


Applications view


Roles view


Interests view


If a change is made to a user or interest from an application, the local tables at the other applications may not get refreshed. In this case, the super admin must force the update of any entry in the common User or Interest table from the application which was not updated automatically, to force the refresh of its local table.

Reset Member Password

The Members view can be used to generate a password reset email to the member. This does not invalidate the current password, but does give the member a link to get to the password reset view and change their password.

Interest Attributes

There are certain attributes which are maintained in the application local database (not the common database) which are associated with interests. These are accessed via the Interest Attributes view.

Email Setup

The system sends emails periodically about tasks which are overdue or expiring soon. The contents of these emails can be configured using the Email Templates view.

File Naming and Storage

Files are named on upload but stored based on a system-created file id. This allows multiple files with the same name to exist separately within the system. The association between filename and file id can be seen using the Files view.

New Member Instructions

When someone new needs to be added to the system, the following should be done:

  • send suitable welcome message which describes the system, why they’re being added, and that they’ll be receiving password reset instructions

  • create the member using Members view, assigning appropriate roles and interests

  • give new member their position(s) using Position Wizard